Rutgers University - Camden’s Student Success Management System, RaptorConnect, provides an integrative approach to student success that promotes shared ownership for academic progress among students, faculty, advisors, tutors, and staff.  It serves as the foundation that connects services that help students to formulate and advance toward educational goals, including advising, tutoring, counseling, progress tracking, and academic early alerts.  The platform contributes by documenting educational plans, improving data analysis, offering self-service resources that reduce advisor workloads, and triggering interventions based on student behavior or faculty input.

All students have access to the RaptorConnect system.  RaptorConnect is a software solution that connects you with a network of advisors who can help support your academic success. You may access RaptorConnect by using your NetID. Once you log in, the platform will allow you to:

  • Make appointments with academic and other student support staff
  • Communicate with your advisors
  • Keep track of all your classes and any appointments booked through the system on a handy, printable calendar page
  • Get reminders for important tasks from your advisor
  • Receive reminders about upcoming appointments via email or text


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