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RaptorConnect for Students

Get connected to available resources, such as academic advising, student success services and tutoring through a single web-based system – RaptorConnect.

How do I know if I received an Academic Progress Report?

You will receive an email a few days before the start of the Mid-Term Progress Reporting period reminding you to log into RaptorConnect periodically to view your progress reports.  If you receive a progress report indicating concern from your instructor, you will be notified via email.

How do I see my Progress Report?

Students are notified via email when they receive a Progress Report. To view the details of Progress Reports received, sign-in to RaptorConnect, then click the Reports tab.

When are Progress Reports sent?

The Mid-Term Progress Reporting period for Spring term is Monday, xyz – Friday ,xyz 2023.  Faculty are encouraged to issue progress reports for all undergraduate students during this period.

Will my Academic Progress Reports appear on my transcript ?

No, progress reports will not appear on your official or unofficial transcript.

What steps should I take if I receive a progress report indicating concern?

If you receive a progress report indicating concern, the actions you should take will vary depending on your individual academic situation. The notification email you receive will contain a few specific recommendations for you, including:

  • Visit your instructor during faculty office hours or make an appointment with your instructor to discuss your progress in the course and strategies for improvement.
  • Meet with your academic advisor to discuss strategies for success in the course and, if necessary, dropping the course.
  • Explore university resources, such as the Learning Center or Dean of Students.

Who can I contact if I have questions regarding progress reports?

If you have questions regarding feedback given to you for a particular course, contact your professor directly for more information. You may also contact your academic advisor, success coach or counselor.  If you are experiencing personal issues or have a health concern, you should contact the Dean of Students Office to meet with a staff member who can provide assistance.