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Two Students Named McNair Scholars


Two Rutgers students are named McNair Scholars

Growing up in the inner city, Nyuma Waggeh and Kadeem Pratt acknowledge there were many times that it would have been much easier to give up than to pursue a higher education.

“We’ve both been able to overcome the odds and obstacles,” says Waggeh, an East Orange resident and sophomore English and psychology major with a minor in political science at Rutgers University–Camden.

However, Pratt is quick to note, he and his counterpart aren’t inspired by visions of their own success, but rather the thoughts of being in a position to help others who are less fortunate – others who are just like they were – achieve their goals.

“I realize that it’s bigger than me,” says Pratt, a Camden resident and sophomore art major with a minor in Africana Studies at Rutgers–Camden. “Since I was a child, I’ve believed that I can make an impact, and I am not going to stop until I do.”

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