Peer Mentoring

Alpha Peer Mentoring Program
Peer mentoring program goals
The Alpha Peer Mentoring (APM) goals are to increase retention by developing a sense of belonging, increasing student involvement and engagement, and bridging the gap between institutional services and support systems for Rutgers–Camden first-generation students.  
Who are first-generation students? 
A formal definition of a first-generation college student is a student whose parent(s) or guardian(s) did not complete a four-year college or university degree. If your parent or guardian completed a bachelor’s degree outside of the United States and are not working in their career field, you may also be considered first-generation. 
What is peer mentoring?
The Alpha Peer Mentor program assists first-year, first-generation students with their college transition by pairing them with a peer mentor who provides guidance and support throughout the mentee's first year at Rutgers–Camden.  
APM begins with a mentor/mentee orientation event in September and continues throughout a student's first year at Rutgers–Camden. APM offers monthly events and workshops, 1:1 and group mentor/mentee sessions, and opportunities to develop a network of supportive relationships on campus. Participants benefit from meaningful and supportive peer relationships, enhanced knowledge of campus resources, opportunities for involvement and leadership, and access to educational, cultural, and social events sponsored by the Division of Student Academic Success. 
How will peer mentoring help you?
As an APM mentee, you will: 

  • Gain practical peer advice, encouragement, and support 
  • Develop study and personal management skills 
  • Increase academic and social confidence 
  • Be empowered to make independent decisions 
  • Learn strategies for dealing with personal/academic matters 
  • Get motivated to set goals and establish a plan to meet them 
  • Acquire insight into the next stage of the college process 
  • Build network (peers, faculty, staff/administrators, alumni) 
  • Gain friendships and a sense of community on campus 

Who are our mentors?
Our mentors are members of Alpha Alpha Alpha honor society and are serving as mentors to provide support to incoming first-generation students. 
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Interested in being a peer mentee?
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