A sports broadcaster sits in a wheelchair at a sporting event, in a booth, with another broadcaster standing beside him.

Disability Services

The ODS team members at Rutgers-Camden work closely with each student individually to develop an effective and comprehensive plan for appropriate services and reasonable accommodations. We are dedicated to providing the information and resources necessary for  students to pursue their academic, personal, and professional goals at Rutgers.

Our goal is to provide the essential tools and support for  students to become responsible decision makers and self-advocates who are in charge of their future.

What We Do

Welcome to the Rutgers–Camden Office of Disability Services (ODS).
We are here to provide reasonable accommodations and services for students with disabilities.

Other Resources

These Success Programs and Services are designed for students with unique economic and educational backgrounds, with some services available for all students at Rutgers–Camden.

Barrier Busters

Find information about Barrier Busters, resources at the University that help eliminate barriers to a full Rutgers experience.