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Spring 2023 Mid-Term Progress Reports

Spring 2023 Mid-Term Progress Reporting opens on Monday, March 6th, and extends through Friday, March 24, 2023. During this period, faculty are asked to provide students with feedback on their academic progress. The purpose of progress reporting is to help students improve their academic outcomes prior to the end of the semester and to recognize students doing exceptional work.

Progress report feedback is viewable by signing in to NAVIGATE and then, from the Student Home Page, finding the “Reports” tab. All progress reports received are shown here.

Faculty may select one or more of the following feedback options:

Keep Up The Good Work!
Great job! Your professor acknowledges your hard work so far this semester!

Lack of Participation/Poor Attendance
Class attendance is an important part of your educational experience at Rutgers Camden, and you are expected to attend every class. Equally important is actively participating in class activities like group discussions, offering answers to questions posed in class, and interacting with your professors and classmates.

Missing Assignments/Homework
Completing assignments and finishing homework is key to building subject knowledge. Submitting assignments on time is critical to successfully completing the class. Talk to your professor if you are struggling to meet the assignment due dates.

Poor Quiz/Test Grades
Earning good grades is critical to successfully completing the class. See the course syllabus for specific information regarding exams and grading rubric, then create a plan that establishes ample time to study. Tutoring is available for most courses, and tutors make excellent study partners!

At-Risk of Receiving a Grade Below Passing
It’s not too late to turn things around. To start, identify the reason or reasons you are struggling. Not sure how to study? Not spending ample time preparing for class, doing homework, or studying for exams? Do you need help understanding the course material? This is the perfect time to get extra help! Meet with your professor, schedule a weekly tutoring session, and use time during the break to get ahead on upcoming assignments. Make sure to meet with your advisors before dropping a class, as it could affect your financial aid, eligibility, and graduation plan.

Stopped Attending Class
Walking away from your classes is never a good idea. Make an appointment right away to meet with your academic advisor, who can help you develop the best plan of action moving forward.

Now is the time to kick it up a notch and invest in your success! Take advantage of the resources available to you from the Center for Learning and Student Success (CLASS). You can also use NAVIGATE as a resource by scheduling appointments with advisors, coaches, counselors, and tutors!