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Feeling Like a Tumbleweed? 3 Tips to Help You Reengage

What’s up first-gen scholar! So, now that you are a few weeks into the spring semester, how are you feeling? Are you as excited and confident as you were when the semester started? Maybe you are experiencing some personal or academic challenges and may feel discouraged at times, but you are finding ways to persevere and make the best of your situation.

Or are you feeling a little . . . tumbleweedish? Maybe you have failed a few exams and don’t see the point of attending classes anymore. Or you may be dealing with some life challenges impacting your success in the classroom, and your commitment or passion toward your education is not as strong as it once was. You have to juggle multiple responsibilities with family and work, and you’re starting to feel overwhelmed . . . by E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!

In my experience as an educator, I have seen many students become tumbleweeds – and not by choice. Sometimes life gets the upper hand, and students may not know how to respond to certain challenges. They may alienate themselves but didn’t intend to do so. They may have wanted to persevere through a particular challenge but didn’t have the capacity to deal with one . . . more . . . thing.

You may be able to relate. No one chooses to become a tumbleweed. Students often have every intention to do well, but stuff happens, and before they know it, weeks or a month has passed, and they do not see a way to catch up or get back on track. They’re just bouncing and floating in the air like a tumbleweed.

If you’re a tumbleweed, you have been bouncing around long enough – it’s time to reconnect, reengage, and finish strong.