NJ STEP/Mountainview

Who We Are
The New Jersey Scholarship and Transformative Education in Prisons Consortium (NJ-STEP) is an association of higher education institutions in New Jersey that works in partnership with the New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJ DOC) and State Parole Board, to (a) provide higher education courses for all students under the custody of the State of New Jersey while they are incarcerated, and (b) assist in the transition to college life upon their release into the community. Our vision is that every person in prison who qualifies for college have the opportunity to take college classes while incarcerated and continue that education upon release.
How We Work
The staff of NJ STEP works with the partner colleges and New Jersey Department of Corrections (NJ DOC) to ensure appropriate course offerings and seamless transfers that ultimately allow students to complete degree requirements, which confers the associate’s degree in Liberal Arts and then advances to Rutgers University to complete baccalaureate requirements.
NJ-STEP follows the NJ-Transfer guidelines and Lampitt Law  which maximizes the transfer of courses for students upon release.  Upon completion of the associate’s  degree, up to 60 credits are eligible for  transfer to Rutgers University-Camden .  As students transition back into the community, a STEP Completion Counselor helps those who have not yet completed their Associate’s degree enroll in community colleges near their residence.  Once a student is enrolled, the STEP Completion Counselor works with them to finish their Associate’s degree work and continue on to admission at Rutgers University or other four-year state schools.
The Mountainview (MVC) Program at Rutgers University- Camden provides wrap-around admissions/transition services and support for STEP students to continue college degree work.  STEP students who have completed their associate’s degree or have begun their Bachelor’s degree while incarcerated and maintained a 3.0 GPA or higher, are eligible for admission and degree completion work at Rutgers University- Camden.  The Mountainview Community Counselor at Rutgers-Camden provides ongoing support through admissions counseling; campus networking; accountability; assistance with housing, financial management, and legal issues; peer support meetings; and facilitation of gainful employment opportunities on and off campus.
Tiece Riddick, MVC Counselor – Camden
Ms. Tiece Riddick is the Counselor for the Mountainview Community at Rutgers University–Camden. Tiece’s background in social work spans nearly fifteen years, during which she held various roles in both public and non-profit organizations with particular emphasis on mental health. Tiece received both her Master’s and Bachelor’s degree in Social Work from Rutgers University-Camden. She has worked within the Department of Human Services providing mental health and case management supports to children and adults in institutions and the community. Prior to  joining the  NJ STEP/ Mountainview team Tiece worked with School Based Youth Services (SBYS) of the Camden City School District providing program coordination and mental health services.
Essential Resources for MVC RU-Camden Students
“You have 3 Choices, give in…give up…give it all you’ve got!”
Synonymous with the culture of Rutgers University- Camden, The Mountainview Community believes that our students embody the resilience and tenacity to get it done and we are here to support you through to graduation.