Welcome to Rutgers University – Camden’s Division of Student Academic Success!

We are committed to ensuring that you have every opportunity to achieve your fullest potential.  One of the primary responsibilities is to ensure that the University is developing and implementing programs and initiatives that allow each student the opportunity to achieve their individual goals.  Success, however, does not happen in a vacuum! You play a pivotal role and we are committed to ensuring that our division partners help you tap into your potential and achieve your goals.

 The Division of Student Academic Success is comprised of a number of offices, people, and programs working together to foster a culture of achievement at Rutgers University – Camden.  We want all students to reach their academic goals, and whether you need help with one of your classes, a bit of academic advice, or an opportunity to get you excited about your future, our team members are here to help make it happen. We offer a wide range of academic support services designed to help students of all abilities strengthen their skills and take an active role in their education.

 This website will acquaint you with our services and provide a wealth of resources for both prospective and current students and your families.
 Your success is our priority both as a Rutgers University-Camden student and as a  globally connected citizen. Please explore the array of resources, services, programs, activities, and advice available on this site and be sure to reach out to us if we can support you along your journey.

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