Practices & Outcomes

In efforts to promote academic success, the Student Success Coach Office aims to recognize and address several aspects of our students’ lives which ultimately influence their college experience. There is not a simple “one-size-fits-all” approach when providing individualized services and thus, the implemented best practices vary, and include:

  • Utilization of early alert data systems and interventions
  • Cohort model coaching and advising
  • Academic support and skill building
  • Exploration of personal, professional, and academic interests
  • Social integration and support
  • Instilling hope and empowerment
  • Resource referral
  • Follow up services

In utilizing these practices, the Student Success Coach Office strives to achieve learning outcomes that are necessary for students’ future success in education, work, and life. Those outcomes include:

  • The ability to clearly articulate the importance of receiving their degree
  • Identification and utilization of campus resources to assist with educational and life transitions
  • The demonstration of effective and professional communication with the campus community, both written and orally
  • The ability to make appropriate decisions based on critical and creative thinking
  • Development and practice of foundational skills for lifelong learning including, structured goal setting and establishing positive academic and personal habits