First Gen Committee consists of staff and faculty at Rutgers Camden who meet to discuss challenges, and find solutions to address the needs of first generation students.  The first gen subcommittee collaborates with B1GS.  B1GS (Bridging 1st Generation Students), which was created under the direction of the first gen subcommittee, has influenced one of the first gen subcommittee goals during academic year 2017-2018.
  • Goal 1: Support with the expansion of the B1GS Lending Library Initiative
  • Goal 2: Develop a webpage for first gen students


First Gen Committee Members:

Marsha Besong

Elizabeth Atkins

Sarah Blackman

Caroline Waters

Kyle Jenkins

Dyron Corley

Amber Davis

Mary Beth Daisey

Mary Flaherty

Robert Russo

Lakeycha Vellon-Cortes

Jeffrey Dean

Tom Dahan

Emma Tilley

Eliezer Marcellus

Fallon Conry

Johnasia McCrea

Kelly Kennedy

Janae Tucker

Cameron Whitley